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Our Clients

Our Clients

Prominent Past & Current Clients

Edomias International PLC has served clients in varied industries, providing excellent workforce solutions, utilizing our expertise and custom-made technology. We have a portfolio of serving over a hundred reputable governmental, international, private and non-governmental organizations.

With offices in various regions of Ethiopia, we will work with you to develop tailored solutions wherever you are.


  • Awash Winery Share Company
  • Heineken Brewery Share Company
  • Harar Beer Share Company
  • Bedelle Brewery Share Company
  • Dashen Brewery Factory S.Co
  • Coca Cola

FMCG Manufacturers

  • East Africa Bottling Share Company
  • Etete Milk Processing PLC
  • ASTCO Food Complex
  • Anchor Milk
  • Roto PLC
  • Aquasafe Bottling PLC
  • Asku PLC (Aqua Addis)
  • Ambey Soap factory

Building & Construction

  • Nazerawi Building
  • Ministry of Education Technical and
  • Vocational Training Agency
  • Engineering capacity building program (ecbp-GTZ)
  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • Road Transport and Communication Authority
  • Maritime and Transit Service Enterprise
  • Ministry of Urban Development
  • Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Service (ECX)

Intergovernmental Organizations

  • United Nation World Food Program
  • Cleaning and warehouse porter service
  • Afro-Tsion Construction
  • Muna Building
  • Wassie Alamirew Building
  • Several Construction Companies (Provision of Engineers and construction professionals)

Travel & Logistics

  • Lufthansa Airlines
  • Lufthansa Cargo
  • DHL WorldWide express
  • BMI (British Airlines)
  • NICON Freight forwarding Transportation & Customs Clearing PLC

International & Local Non-governmental Organizations

  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Care Ethiopia
  • Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat
  • Selam Children Village
  • Center for International Programs Inc (ICAP)
  • United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
  • United Nations High Commission for refugee (UNHCR)
  • United Nations Food Aid Organization (FAO)

Travel & Hospitality

  • International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)    Atnafu Hotel
  • Belaynesh Tulu Hotel
  • Sheger House Bar & Restaurant
  • Addis Kibab Bar and Restaurant
  • Addis Ababa Hilton Hotel
  • National Tour Organization (NTO)
  • The wedding planner plc
  • Gize Travel PLC
  • Clinton Health care
  • Clinton Foundation
  • Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV International NGO)
  • OIA Africa Health and Welfare Endowment
  • Ethiopian Red Cross Society
  • Organization for Social Science Research in
  • Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA)
  • Ethiopian Health Association
  • Jhpiego Ethiopia
  • Vision Fund Microfinance

Governmental Organizations

  • The Ministry of Education
  • Technical and Vocational
  • Education Training Institute (Ethio China college)
  • Paradise Ethiopia PLC

Banks & Insurance Providers

  • Buna International bank
  • Cooperative Bank of Oromia
  • Nyala Insurance Share Company
  • Addis International Bank Sh. Co

Other Organizations

  • Okay Plastics
  • Juniper Trading
  • Yetebaberut Beherawi Petroleum Sh. Co
  • British International School

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